Series 4: When It Rains

Selected works on paper are original and one of a kind. To view more information click on a thumbnail image. For pricing or to see more work please inquire via contact page.

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I started working on the series in 2020 after observing how the rain traveled and dried down the pane of a window like morse code. I created several ink and pen drawings of this phenomenon and then carved stencils of these drawings. After listening to the sound torrential rain makes upon pavement in 2021 I created visual versions of this experience again with hand drawings and stencils. I pushed the rain concept further during a printmaking residency in Barcelona, Spain, Spring 2023. The Art Print Residency advocates large format work using a large press and this was my focus; to go big. Generally, my process begins with taking a concept of interest often observed or experienced, creating hand drawings of that concept, and then developing the concept using various printmaking techniques. I completed eight 30” (w) x 40” (h) large format monoprint works titled “Rain Scape”.