Return to Life (2019)

Method: Silk Thread, Chine Colle, Monotype

Return to Life

Return to Life

I threaded the delicate bones of cicada over a drawing of a female to suggest the revival of her life after a tragic event.

“The Cicada is an ancient polyvalent symbol: resounding themes are resurrection, immortality, and spiritual realization.”

The female in the drawing looks back to reflect upon a tragic event depicted by a car crash. I continued the thread over the car crash frames to connect the two events. The three frames are taken from a stop frame animation of a match box car crash I staged in Washington Square Park many years ago.  Tragic events disrupt life similar to the way death disrupts life. We plunge into reflection, darkness, and even depression as we come to terms with the meaning of the event. It may take several years before we are repaired and resurface to continue with life anew. Just as the cicada lays dormant in the ground for seven years before returning to the surface so do we remain buried in our thoughts before climbing out of darkness to meet the light.

Along with the thread and the blood-vein like shape, there is a warm female shadow that also connects the two events. It is the soul that undergoes the spiritual transformation in the body. Here, at this moment, it could be her soul that is ready to help make the transition to return to life.

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